Property management outsourcing

Business performance can be improved by outsourcing non-core functions. If your organisation plans to outsource any or all of its property functions, Landplan has the expertise you need.

We can prepare market analysis and network studies to help resolve policies and strategies. We can organise upgrades and refurbishments of entire chains of stores. We ensure all undertakings are in your best interests and are economically justified.

Landplan can manage the entire real estate function, a select number of properties or a single task. If you have not considered the benefits of partnering with a company with proven competencies in property management, then we would be pleased to discuss the potential. We can also reference the long-term contracts we have with prominent companies as proof of our claims.

Strategic advice and consulting

If your organisation needs assistance in analyzing markets and developing real estate strategies, you will benefit from talking to Landplan. We know that the right property, well located in the market and secured at the right price, is critical to your success.

We can determine size and location of markets based on household expenditure surveys and census reports. Our network analysis skills can help you pick sites.

Development management

Landplan provides professional management of new property developments. This requires formulation of a vision and ascertaining feasibility, functionality and full delivery.

Project management

Not only can Landplan manage your planning processes, we have the skills to get projects built and operational. Our people have experience in design detail and documentation, obtaining regulatory approvals and consents, running tenders, drafting contracts, managing on site construction and organising tenant fit-out.

We achieve project completion within the time, cost, quality, function and feasibility parameters.